Where To Mountain Bike In Long Island — And What To Do When Injured

When we travel to other countries to enjoy a new mountain biking experience, we usually think rugged mountains and miraculous views — but sometimes the least likely spaces can be the most peaceful or scenic. Take Long Island, NY for example: there are dozens of great places to take a bike ride. But even in these potentially less strenuous areas of the United States (which aren’t even comparable with our own in Spain), it can be easy to become distracted. And distraction leads to injury.

We recommend beginners start in Calverton, where you can find a single-track path going just over six miles. Another 1.5 miles of intermediate climbs will tease those with more advanced skills. Another single loop track can be found in Cathedral Pines. There are six miles of beginner to intermediate path, but we recommend newbiest start here. More advanced bikers will still want to look elsewhere. Another beginner’s mecca is Eastport, where you can find at least eight  miles of single track trail.

In the mood for something more difficult? Check out the newly built five miles of track at East Setauket. The path was constructed for those looking for an intermediate to advanced pathway, but you can also find another six miles of even more difficult track with advanced loops and climbs. You can also try the Glacier Ridge Nature Preserve where there are another 8.5 miles starting from Sachem East High School and Brookhaven Town Hall. 

Another more difficult option is Meadowlark Park, which has five miles of one-way path forming a loop. Keep in mind that riders must be aware of the numerous horse crossings on this path, or risk a collision with an animal whose kick can kill. 

Those are some of the shorter options, but if you need a longer trip — then look no further than Hither Woods State Park or Manorville Hills. The former option provides over 20 miles of varied terrain for beginners, intermediates, and advanced mountain bikers. The latter option has 12 miles of very difficult terrain. Thankfully, the first few miles boast a two-line bike highway. If the trail is too difficult, turn around before you run into the single track lane. 

Rocky Point Pine Barrows Preserve is another decent option for intermediate or advanced bikers, and provides at least 13 miles of one-way track, 7 of which are considered available only to expert riders. There are also a few miles providers for beginners.

There are a number of neck and back specialists all over NYC and Long Island, but it can be far more difficult to find someone to look at your teeth after hours — and believe it or not, dental injuries are extremely common among mountain bikers. This is true even when wearing a great helmet, because all it takes to knock out a tooth is that one stray jagged rock! You might find a cosmetic dentist Great Neck, NY, but take a quick look on Google Maps if you need someone right away.