Should Bikers Stay Indoors During The Covid-19 Outbreak?

Many parks around the world have made the choice to keep their doors open as schools, bars, restaurants, clubs, and planned public gatherings have closed down by choice or by government order. While that might change, the logic is reasonable: A viral outbreak is a great time to venture outdoors to enjoy what nature has to offer, especially when avoiding other people. For some, this is great news. Others take it with a grain of salt.

First, be wary of what this means if you’re a mountain biker. Sure, you can absolutely continue to do what you love! But limit contact with other bikers. The entire point of keeping parks open is to avoid contact. The virus can potentially survive on surfaces for a few days and people who are infected but have yet to display symptoms can potentially infect other people. That makes this brand of coronavirus extremely contagious.

Second, you might be better off opting for shorter, daily outings. Those who are interested in going on a days-long thru-bike can still do so, but maintaining cleanliness on these longer trips is more important than ever. Be sure to bring along a decent amount of hand sanitizer — if you’re lucky enough to find any on store shelves.

Infections and fatalities in Spain are surging.

That means that you should apprise yourself of local laws before heading out. Spain and France are basically on lockdown. Travel outside is increasingly difficult. If you’re lucky enough to live overseas in the United States, then you can still hit the trails without any trouble from law enforcement. But this is likely to change in the next few days to few weeks as the infection becomes worse and worse. That means it’s better to get outside sooner rather than later. You might not have another chance!

For those who do reside in Spain, then stay indoors. The government has banned outdoors travel and implemented a two-week state of emergency. 

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said, “The prohibition to circulate in the streets…must be followed starting today. The measures which we have adopted are drastic and will unfortunately have consequences…but our hand will not shake to prevail against the virus. We will win this battle…but it is important that the price we pay for this victory be as little as possible.”

Only pharmacies and grocery stores remain open to the public. City streets are deserted.