Why Is Spain Such A Wonder For Mountain Biking Enthusiasts?

The trails in Spain are some of the most sought-after in the world, especially for those who love to travel via mountain bike. And who wouldn’t? The surge of adrenaline is like nothing else, especially when you couple the thrill-seeker’s sensation with the invigorating rush of wind you feel during each wild ride. It takes a lot of skill, control, and lightning-fast reflexes to make mountain biking a viable long-term hobby, but those who do will certainly learn to enjoy the most challenging trails that Spain offers.

But why Spain?

First of all, our country has something that the rest of Europe doesn’t: the highest average altitude in the entire region. For example the Sierra de los Filabres mountain range soars above 2,000 meters, which grants would-be riders some fantastic views. Depending on when you go, you might even run into snow! One thing is for certain, though: you’ll love the varied terrain to find on your way.

Spain also presents riders with some of the best trail conditions anywhere in the world, with maintainers working to keep them safe and clear of debris year-round. The routes vary in their difficulty; some stretch dozens, hundreds, even thousands of kilometers.

Because mountain biking is such a popular sport in Spain, riders will find many vacation packages geared toward making those trips all the more fun by designing them to reduce the amount of thinking you have to do. Those who offer these organized trips handle some of the food, lodging, and provide many options for routes worthy of your time. Whatever you need is exactly what you get. Personalized requests matter in Spain.

Another popular location is the Malaga mountain range out near the Mediterranean Sea. The trail offers easy access to River Guadalmedina, which makes longer outings a lot easier if you’re willing to bring some extra gear along. While out for a ride, you might see hikers as well. Those who explore this region are in for some of the best views that Spain has to offer — including the Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Loja, Alhama de Granada, and even a few of the ocean.

Many of these biking routes are still unmarked, but guess what: we have no intention of changing that. It’s exactly what some riders are looking for, especially since these locations tend to ward off ever-increasing populations of people as the sport’s popularity grows. Some of us like a quiet ride, and there are many available in the mountains of Spain. Then again, other trails are very well marked for those who don’t mind the extra company. Some of us who are just beginning might even need it.