What Should You Pack To Eat When Mountain Biking The North Atlantic Basque Coast In Spain?

Mountain Biking packages along the Basque Coast adjoining Spain and France are some of the most sought after, especially since the care given to these trails is top-notch. Bikers can expect to find trips that include accommodations, breakfasts, guides, transfers, photos, etc. What’s better, most of these packages are for small groups of six or seven people, which means a lot of personal support when you need it the most.

But what should you bring to eat on your next mountain biking trip to the Basque Coast? Usually, the answer is as much as possible! What you pack depends on your own personal tastes, of course, but you’ll want to be practical about how much you carry. More weight equals less control over the bike, and that can lead to disaster for those of us who are less experienced. That means it pays to be smart in planning ahead.

For those of you who are avid backpackers, you’ll be familiar with most of these lightweight foods:

  • You won’t have any problem drinking water, but you might want to add some flavor, vitamins or electrolytes to each refill. Propel or Mio are great options.
  • Believe it or not, saltines have a great calorie to weight ratio — but only pack them if you can spare the room, because they definitely do take up space. Bread or bagels are other good options.
  • Pop Tarts or Clif Bars are great for a morning calorie boost.
  • Peanut butter M&Ms. Any variety of this candy is great, but you’ll want the extra sugar, fat, and protein. 
  • Tuna pouches will give you some additional lightweight nutrients, but beware: you’ll get tired of them fast.
  • Bananas or berries if you have the option to resupply daily. 
  • PB&J sandwiches if you have the option to resupply daily — or any sandwich, really. You’ll want variety after a while.
  • Beef jerky, salami, pepperoni, and other meats that won’t go bad in your pack.
  • Babybel cheeses will keep well in your pack.
  • Fritos will give you lots of calories and will help replenish the salt you lose in sweat.

If you’re out overnight, then you’ll want to add to the list. Whether you bring a lightweight camping stove is up to you, but if you do then be sure to better your menu with foods you can cook quickly. Knorrs rice or pasta pouches can be great for a quick snack, but you’ll tire of them quickly. Instant potatoes are another great choice, and they can be prepared cold or combined with cheese and meat. Add olive oil to any meal for omega 3s!