What Do Mountain Biking Outdoor Enthusiasts Think Of Trump’s Environmental Policies?

For those who don’t spend much time enjoying the great outdoors, climate change denial might not seem like that big of a deal. But for those outdoor enthusiasts who love it so much and spend more time outside than anybody else, the potential for environmental instability is a source of great unrest. One outdoor clothing and gear manufacturer, Patagonia, has decided to provide its share of recent tax cuts to environmental conservation groups.

This statement was provided on the heels of the Trump administration’s climate report, which provided nearly indisputable evidence that human activities were responsible for man-made climate change that will cause billions of dollars in damage, death, and result in millions of people displaced from their homes.

21 children who originally levied a 2015 lawsuit against the Obama administration are still fighting for their day in court. This year a U.S. District Court judge allowed the lawsuit to proceed, and almost immediately it was stalled by the Supreme Court, which will now rule on its validity. The suit alleges that the government both has the responsibility to protect our environment in order to maintain a stable climate for future generations, and has also failed in this responsibility by implementing policies which actually have an adverse impact on the climate.

22 members of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (or IMBA) travelled to Washington last month in order to promote the need for funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which expired when Congress failed to renew its resources last year. The LWCF usually acquires funding through a small tax on offshore drilling projects. It’s not surprising that a Republican-controlled Congress allowed it to expire, especially with a climate change-denier in the most powerful office in the world. The LWCF is depleted by about $2.5 million for each day it remains unfunded.

Recently a bipartisan group introduced a new bill aimed at imposing a carbon tax, spurred to action in part by the recent floods and wildfires that have wreaked havoc all over the country. For now, the bill has little hope of passing through Congress.

It’s unfortunate that the Conservatives in power would act in a way that puts not only the environment in danger, but also our future economy. Rising global temperatures will cost us a lot, and it’s worth investing to prevent those costs today.