Here Are The Newest Mountain Biking Trails

It isn’t always easy to discover new trails on which you can mountain bike. This is in part because a lot of nature lovers aren’t very fond of the loud sounds and dangers associated with bikes, and so they need to be well segregated from other paths in order to be viable. Luckily, mountain biking is becoming a more popular sport, and new trails are being made to deal with the greater traffic. Here are a few of the newest mountain biking trails as of 2018.

  1. Some of us consider Moab the mountain biking capital because you can find a new trail every year. If you’re lucky, you might even find a whole new network of trails. Have you been on the Rodeo Trail? It was completed in 2017, forming a loop near Chisholm trail. Much of the nine-mile ride is rated for beginners, so this is a good place to visit if you’re just starting out.
  2. The 12-mile Wasatch Over Wasatch (WOW, not to be confused with WoW) is a great trail in Park City, Utah. The upkeep is phenomenal, which is why you won’t want to miss the WOW trail if you’re in the area. Not only that, but you’ll find yourself with great views of Mount Timpanogos, Snake Creek Canyon, and Cascade Peak. There are shuttles available to bring you there if you’re too lazy to, ya know, bike!
  3. If you’ve never been to the artsy, weird town of Sedona, Arizona, then you’re missing out. You can find world-renowned vortexes here. That’s not your thing? Then check out the 27-mile Western Gateway trail system when it’s completed. Construction just started in Fall of 2018, but there are a number of other options already available, like Skywalker Loop.
  4. Brevard, North Carolina is home to a great singletrack in Pisgah National Forest. If you’re looking for something newer or more technical, try Spencer Gap. There are also plans to connect other popular trails in the region in the coming years.
  5. What better place to go mountain biking than a ski resort during summer months? Check out Sun Valley on Bald Mountain in Idaho, where you’ll find Trail 3. You can speed downhill for more than nine miles before you have the opportunity to stop. Hopefully that kind of rush is your thing!