The Difference Between Biking And Mountain Biking

Biking is without a doubt one of the most exciting recreational activities available. It gets your heart racing, it makes your blood flow, and it can pump your adrenalin if you don’t mind taking a few minor risks. But what is the difference between biking and mountain biking? And if there is, do you really need to know the details?

Biking (Road Cycling)

When you talk about biking in general, you’re referring to riding a bike on the street. Now, you can basically ride any bike on the street, but for those who are passionate about the sport, they’ll use a specific bike, and they’ll refer to themselves as cyclists.

Mountain Biking

As for mountain biking, you can’t do it with just any bike. You are going to need a mountain bike to navigate the area, and the bike needs to be tough. Because the terrain you’ll be riding on will be rough, uneven, full of hazards and even a little dangerous.

What’s The Difference?

First of all, biking is mostly about how fast you can go, in addition to the distance. Mountain biking also takes the distance into account, but it’s not so much about speed.

The two different terrains are responsible for the different experiences. While biking allows for a smooth and relatively safe environment, mountain biking requires you to focus on reflexes and control.

Which One Is Better?

It all comes down to personal taste. In terms of exercise, you are going to burn calories no matter how and where you decide to ride a bike. The same goes for fitness reasons, as you may already know.

What you need to figure out is whether you want the thrill that only mountain biking can provide? Or do you want to slice through the air on the road?